What makes the son of a Turkish diplomat with a degree in International Relations open a small Turkish restaurant in a far away northern country where real doner kebab is uncommon? In his own way, by using kebab, ayran and raki instead of formal diplomatic protocols, Ugur continues his fathers work of introducing Latvia to Turkish traditions and spirit. 

Rasa and Ugur opened Foodbox in 2008, with his family's motivation to share their interpretation of doner kebab with Latvia. From the feedback of customers and friends, they crafted a delicious selection of kebab dishes that they proudly serve daily at Foodbox.

   Ugur learning cooking tricks from his grandmother
The secret of the Foodbox flavour is in the ingredients. By using only the best quality beef and chicken meat, marinated with a custom blend of imported Turkish spices and served with homemade sauces containing original mixtures of herbs and spices, Foodbox creates a delicious flavour you wont find anywhere else.

The Turkish bread and lavas baked daily at Foodbox uses the original recipes from Ugur's grandmother's village in Turkey. Using fresh quality ingredients like fine flour and Çörek Otu has proudly earned many compliments from customers and even chefs from other successful restaurants (like M. Ritins and M. Sirmais).

In addition to döner kebab, Foodbox also serves a selection of other popular Turkish dishes listed on the Foodbox web page. Turkish pide and lahmacun are always freshly baked, with toppings prepared using their own recipes and spices.

The authentic homemade taste is what brings even expatriot Turks living in Riga to Foodbox when they miss the flavours and atmosphere of Turkey.
Bread from FoodBox


Foodbox provides fast and friendly service, not "fastfood". In contrast to larger eateries serving mass-produced meals, Foodbox's smaller size allows for the careful preparation of their homemade dishes with attention to detail over all their ingredients and preparation. Besides everyday traditional menu, FoodBox has Special menu for special events. And for those who like to prepare food at home, FoodBox provides Turkish ingredients for cooking. This all has earned them many pleased customers who recommend Foodbox to their friends. Foodbox's world-traveller foodie customers keep returning because they recognize the best value and taste.
But writing about food is like eating a book. Ease your curiosity and hunger at the cosy Foodbox restaurant, a small corner of Turkey here in the centre of Riga. Afiyet olsun.